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  1. New D weapon (Armorpacks/Overheal)

    Even I feel it shouldn't be 200HP. You could take a page out of Wolfenstein; when the armour / health values go above normal, perhaps have that value go down every second so they need to make full use of it instead of being perma buffed
  2. New D weapon (Armorpacks/Overheal)

    Not bad of an idea. A thing that could be changed though is that it can be either single use or multi-use and even T's could pick it up as well to make the gameplay a lot more enticing. If the T got his hands on this then I'd only imagine that he'd have the upper hand from there
  3. And so it was written by Inquisitor Morgan that none shall commit foul heresy within the ranks... Basically, this ENTIRE thread is dedicated to heresy in all of it's glory. See something suspicious on the server or what people say? Then report it to the nearest Inquisitor as soon as possible. Please note this isn't to be taken seriously; think of it as an extension of the shitposting topic!
  4. Hey guys! So I'm quite curious on what types of game night ideas you might have in store. For now, I'll drop a few in myself here to get the chain rolling: GMOD Extermination - A team-based and objective-based that utilizes a pre-built Arena and also forces people to use teamwork to win at the objective. Health values will be edited to at least make it fair with the arena being fairly sizeable! The only addon required for this to work is M9K. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Classic) - Since the OG Battlefront 2 has been made accessible for Steam multiplayer once more, I was thinking of hosting a server to enjoy and play however you like on this game! Problem being is how people can access it but if people do have it, then running it shouldn't be a problem as it technically WAS made for the PS2. The Hidden - The amazing game itself made manifest. What do you guys think? I'd love to hear your own suggestions!
  5. Keep it civil and non-discriminatory; that's all there is to it! Just make sure you at least have some form of respect before you think about posting a meme, please.