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  1. We back

    pls rliek n dscurbrieb
  2. New pointshop item

    Lmao no, just don't pick any weapons up. Or just make a quickslot button to your secondary. I believe the Deagle is in slot 2 so just do this: bind "<key>" "ttt_quickslot_2"
  3. New D weapon (Armorpacks/Overheal)

    I'd say we give it a maximum of 200hp if we actually will allow this onto the server, so there wont be people going around with some insane hp.
  4. Better than doge

    Uses the same hitbox as the doge, has a head hitbox as well. I don't see what's wrong with it.
  5. An Introduction

    Help, someone called me gay
  6. Possible Game Ideas

    I can help you build the Arena in Gmod if you have some particular tools I would need, including the precision tool, stacker V2 and the Advanced Duplicator V2. Simply as this makes building something twice more beautiful and precise in half the time and work. I am.. well I wouldn't say good at building, but I'm not great either.
  7. To all of The Weeb Revolution group thing, whatever it may be.