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  3. u look like my ass

    my ass is 1337er than you fag
  4. u look like my ass

    Excuse me, Kuro looks more like a Tit
  5. only joking kuro still does tho
  6. We back

    pls rliek n dscurbrieb
  7. New pointshop item

    Lmao no, just don't pick any weapons up. Or just make a quickslot button to your secondary. I believe the Deagle is in slot 2 so just do this: bind "<key>" "ttt_quickslot_2"
  8. New pointshop item

    So, I've been playing a while trying to use deagle only, and it's quite annoying to have an m16 or some other gun pop into your inventory. I think there should be some sort of slot filler, equipable in all of the squares in your inventory. It basically just means nothing can be picked up into that slot while you have the 'slot filler' in it. Something like this:
  9. New D weapon (Armorpacks/Overheal)

    Even I feel it shouldn't be 200HP. You could take a page out of Wolfenstein; when the armour / health values go above normal, perhaps have that value go down every second so they need to make full use of it instead of being perma buffed
  10. New D weapon (Armorpacks/Overheal)

    I'd say we give it a maximum of 200hp if we actually will allow this onto the server, so there wont be people going around with some insane hp.
  11. New D weapon (Armorpacks/Overheal)

    Not bad of an idea. A thing that could be changed though is that it can be either single use or multi-use and even T's could pick it up as well to make the gameplay a lot more enticing. If the T got his hands on this then I'd only imagine that he'd have the upper hand from there
  12. New D weapon (Armorpacks/Overheal)

    Would probably need a limit in the rules so someone doesn't get to like 500hp
  13. New T weapon (Speed Blitz)

    This T item would be able to be used as a quick escape from when you've massacred several people. The item would be able to be bought as a passive item (Like body armor, radar, xmark etc.) By pressing the activation button (or combination) you'd recieve a 2x speed multiplier for 3-5 seconds every 45-60 seconds. but the catch is, during the time it is active your damage will be reduced by 50% (I did this so that a knife backstab wouldn't 1 shot kill since right-click is 90 damage and backstab right-click is 180 damage) this T weapon can be used as a reliable silent offensive blink.
  14. It basically is a Stimpack/ armor pack that can be dropped/used on other people only as a Detective. *YOU CAN'T USE THIS ON YOURSELF* It will increase something along the lines of +20 max hp if you want it rechargable (30 second intervals per recharge) or +50 max hp for single use. This will be useful to avoid getting one-shot headshot by the Ak-frontside mysty/ Shotgun. (Ak does 100 dmg if headshot and shotgun close range usually deal about 107 to me) (Rechargable variant+single use) or even a Deagle headshot (Deagle headshot does 140 damage so 150 hp will prevent you from getting 1-shot by that) (single use only) This is useful for the Detective objective of protecting someone.
  15. New T weapon (Big Smoke)

    I don't see people abusing flashbangs tho
  16. New T weapon (Big Smoke)

    I could see it being useful, but there is the possibility it might lag some people. Tbh, I would use it a lot, seems it would be good if no one abused it.
  17. New T weapon (Big Smoke)

    I'm thinking about this big and it staying for longer.
  18. New T weapon (Big Smoke)

    So after dicking around with some smokes on the server I thought of a new Idea for a T weapon. I call it, "Big Smoke" All it is is basically a smoke that's 3 times as big and will stay active for a longer time. It'll be useful for crossing moving from one place to another unseen or when trying to run away from someone you just killed unseen. It can also be used when you're stuck in the nether as a T and you know you can't leave because there are other people camping the other side of the netherportal.
  19. Better than doge

    Uses the same hitbox as the doge, has a head hitbox as well. I don't see what's wrong with it.
  20. Better than doge

  21. Better than doge

    We used to have that trump model. No-one used it, so we removed it ^.^
  22. Better than doge

    What we really need is a trump model, just saying...
  23. Better than doge

    Goat is not better than Doge. I seriously don't want another four-legged model/hitbox it's fucking annoying. fuck off blakey <3
  24. Better than doge

    We need a model better than doge, and goat > doge.
  25. You're all fucking weebs

    Kill them
  26. You're all fucking weebs

    Quality post, as aspected from Stereomicroscoop.
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