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    !slap !hp @@@ !tp WOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    Our purpose is to fight against anything that resembles Japanese Weebish culture of any form. As proud members of NovaGaming, we frown upon the immense faggness that is known for anime weebness. It has swept into NovaGaming as a plague and has consumed every corner of it, we are here to stop it. Join us in the fight for putting down this sickness!

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    Very cringe comes here, with the definition of cringe as leader. Remember, Dab on those fidget spinner hater daniels.

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    Konichiwa mina san... I am here to give us weebs a voice, a purpose, a place to shit-talk waifus, a place to discuss anime and most importantly a place to shitpost anime memes. Take your figurines and body pillows and join us on our quest to revolutionize this planet. Together we will succeed... We'll also be using a website called "" to host rooms and watch anime together.

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    For those who haven’t quite reached the Enforcer ranks or above

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    Welcome to the official Castle Beg Smonfenstein; a place to worship the One True Meme to End Them All. Also a place to come and chill! No forms of restrictions on who can join; if you're staff, welcome! If you're a player, welcome! ^_^ Have a great time here!

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    "Join the darkness. We have sugared confections." All are welcome, take your shoes off at the door. Legends speak of a mythological being in which all teletubbies would come together and sacrifice all terrorists for. One so powerful, so omnipotent that neither the strongest kamikaze pigeons nor the most carefully placed Tesla Coil could stand against them, and the only other logical option is to stand united, eyes alight with the glow of the full moon, and kneel upon the highest mountains as their prayers ascend to a better place. A greater being. One that welcomes every teletubby for who they are... It ain't me, lemme tell ya. Like Xatu, I simply stare at the sun all day, for reasons classified. For whatever reason you'd like to be here, I hope you can make yourself at home.

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    For all the memes, dead or new.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.